KSC: Mobility Day

Mobility and sustainability are now more interconnected than ever. Although travel and transport make up a substantial part of Sweden’s emissions, we have the means to change this. Thanks to innovation, emerging business models, and important changes in behavior, we’re not just aspiring for a greener future—we’re actively crafting it.

This year’s annual Mobility Day, set for 30 August in Kista, is designed to drive this change. We’ll be zeroing in on how innovative solutions and novel business models can support the transport system’s transition towards meeting Sweden’s ambitious climate goals. Throughout the day, we’ll be hosting a diverse mix of engaging talks, insightful seminars and compelling pitches, all combined with immersive open-air exhibition with demos and informative stands. A unique exhibition serves as a dynamic platform for inspiring company presentations and discussions and offers a great opportunity to engage with the public.

Mobility Day brings together decision-makers from various sectors, including tech, automotive, academia and the public sector, all with a shared focus: innovation for a sustainable and efficient transport system.

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August 30, 2023, all day

Grönlandsparken, Grönlandsgatan, Kista

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30 Aug 2023

All day


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