Lunch seminar with RISE and Teknikföretagen

Europe invests in "data, edge and cloud" – but what is Sweden doing?

A strategic management of data and electronic infrastructure sets the framework for Swedish companies' opportunities to benefit from the possibilities of digitization.

The importance of data is constantly increasing in the world and creates unique opportunities for strengthened competitiveness, increased value in products and services, as well as conditions for sustainable and resilient societal development. Thanks to cloud and edge solutions, today data can be processed almost completely separately from the user. The potential is great but there are many challenges. One of the reasons is that the growing amounts of data place demands on security and we need a clearer understanding of how data should be handled, shared and owned. China, the US and the EU all see the value of data but have chosen radically different approaches. How should Sweden act?

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25 Aug 2022

11.30 - 13.30