Urban development in Kista is accelerating – Explore the future living, green walkways, shopping, services, offices, schools and communications that are planned in Kista.


Kista Innovation Park

Kista Innovation Park is a lively meeting place for innovation, creativity and inspiration. Located next to Grönlandsparken where Ericsson Innovation Lab has moved outdoors and Plåtparken adds a cool vibe. Here, you can explore today’s future technology, pitch ideas for innovations, work out, play basketball and enjoy food, entertainment and funky, jazzy tunes.



Many roads lead to Kista. And more are on the way. As the district grows, Tvärbanan (tramway) expands from Bromma Stockholm Airport to Helenelund commuter train station, via Ursvik and Kista. This is an additional way to travel to and from Kista. It is a total of an 8-kilometre-long stretch through three municipalities with 10 new stops. A journey from Alvik to Helenelund will take about 23 minutes.


Parking lot turns into residential area

The huge parking lot at the intersection of Kistavägen and Grönlandsgatan is transformed into 954 new homes, a preschool, and a park. When completed, there will be a new high-rising landmark building, and this will be a lively residential area with a city centre, cultural activities, hotel, and businesses. There will be variations in the roof landscape and building volumes.



Grönlandsparken is a given hub downtown Kista. The park is under development to become an inviting green oasis, an urban garden nestled among the buildings, where people can socialize and gather. More seating areas, music, sport and games, encouraging spontaneous meetings and activities are planned.



Heklahuset is located in a strategic spot in the middle of an area where new office buildings with restaurants, shops and services will be built. In the next few years, Heklahuset will be filled with new tenants from the neighbourhood, creative activations, and pop-up activities. Heklahuset is an important piece of the puzzle in the transformation to a modern, urban, dynamic district where people live, work, meet and socialize around the clock.


Kista Bus station

On a normal weekday, 8,500 people get on and off a bus at Kista bus station, but the ambition is to increase the capacity and attractiveness. A design program is in progress, and so far, a lighting installation in collaboration with local young people has been created, and cleaning, lighting, and security has been improved. When completed, the site will be future-proof and more people will choose to commute by public transport.


In the heart of Kista: Kista Galleria

Kista Galleria is an important part of the urban development in the district with its central location. Now, it’s being updated to become a modern and inspiring mall. When completed, there will be two new buildings with homes and health- and care companies directly connected to the mall, the roofs will be converted into lush green areas with plant species native to Järvafältet, and the public areas around the mall will be cooler, greener, and injected with life and activity.


The former IBM office becomes Kista Parkstad

IBM’s former office at Hanstavägen in northwest Kista is being transformed into a new creative block. About 1,500 condos, rental apartments and student apartments are planned here, together with preschools, cultural and business premises, squares, small shops, walkways, and parks. When completed, the office facility with its great cultural-historical value will be preserved and given new use.


Kvarteret Borgarfjord

Kvarteret Borgarfjord is a neighbourhood with a mix of public land and property owners just off Torshamnsgatan. Here, you find a:place, an office space designed as a second home with a cosy vibe, café, gym, and an orangery. A brand-new Voco Hotel with over 200 rooms, a restaurant with outdoor seating and a pool and relax area is under development. It will be a bustling place all year round.


Kvarteret Keflavik

The courtyard in Kvarteret Keflavik is full of unrealized potential. Here, among others, KTH, RISE, Intel and schools operate. It’s been named Kista’s most exciting square and has been compared to an Italian piazza in terms of potential. Creative plans for outdoor cafes, boules courts and a strengthened square character are under discussion. When completed, this will be a meeting spot that engages students, researchers, and businesses in the neighbourhood.


Huge former office block transformed into the cityscape Volt

The existing property, Reykjavik 1, is planned to take on a new shape when offices are converted into 130 new homes and a primary school. Towards Borgarfjordsgatan, a new building with an additional 35 homes, a nursing home with 90 apartments and premises for a centre and retail on the ground floor are also planned. The plan is flexible and can be adapted to future needs. Here, for example, a high school or apartment hotel could be built instead. It’s simply up to time to tell.



Skolstråket is a walkway stretching from Kista metro station’s northern exit all the way up to Grönlandsgången. Every day, it brings hundreds of children and young people to their schools and many students to Stockholm University and KTH. Now, Skolstråket will get a real facelift reflecting the exciting cluster of schools it leads to. When completed, Skolstråket will have uniform design and furniture, and be a safe, green, and peaceful path with fine plantings and activations that contribute to a sense of belonging to Kista.


Oddegatan - two new blocks

Say hello to two new residential neighbourhoods with buildings of five to seven floors. Approximately 240 condos are planned here, with an underground garage expanding beneath. In the western part of the southern quarter, a preschool is being built.



Helenelundstunneln is located by the commuter train station in Helenelund. Now, it’s being updated with a new passage for the Tvärbanan (tramway) to become a safe and inviting space for buses, pedestrians, and cyclists. When completed, there will be a new central square where it will be easy to switch between Tvärbanan, commuter trains and buses.


Jan Stenbecks Torg

Jan Stenbecks torg is a busy square outside Kista Galleria where thousands of people stream through every day on their way to study and work. A significant change occurs as Tvärbanan (tramway) is built at the square. At the same time, Kista Galleria is being updated, hundreds of new homes are under construction in Kista Square Garden, and the whole area is developing into a complete city centre.


Kista Äng

Kista äng will be a new residential area in northern Kista with about 1,600 new homes. Several squares, parks, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and green paths are planned in the neighbourhood. When completed, this will be a lively and safe urban environment with generous sidewalks allowing outdoor cafes. In addition, there will be a school for 900 students and 12 preschool departments at Kista äng. Project start 2022.


The former GSM fortress transforms into Kista Square Garden

Extreme make over. The huge block with office buildings in central Kista is being converted into about 1,000 homes and the ground floors are filled with operations such as a restaurant, café, culture, grocery store, and premises for an open preschool. Existing buildings are built on with two to three floors and a green oasis and a back yard house are developed in the courtyard. Kista Square Garden contributes to a mixed urban development and a lively urban environment.



Kistagången is the main street of Kista, stretching from Helenelund commuter train station through Kista Galleria and into the residential area. Now, it’s being updated to become a lively city street with new companies, residents, and meeting spots on the ground floors. When completed, the street will be vibrant even on weekends and evenings. New meeting spaces, homes, and offices will invite people around the clock.


100 new homes at Grönlandsstråket

Today an undeveloped area and parking, tomorrow 100 condos right next to Grönlandsstråket. Now, that possibility is currently being investigated as building homes here would help to create a more vibrant and attractive Kista around the clock. With the expanded urban environment, Grönlandsstråket, which is a central walking area through the district would feel safer. The update is planned for 2023 at the earliest.

"kista's urban development is the largest in Stockholm. it's a district in constant motion."


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