playground of the future

Kista has a strong history as a place of innovation. With Kista Innovation Park we have created an open place to explore future technology, hang out and play games. A place for curiosity, inspiration, innovation, and exploration of today’s future technology – to imagine what’s possible tomorrow!

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the big blue mat

At Kistagången, next to Grönlandsparken, you will find the big blue mat with the words, "Imagine Possible”. This is a part of Kista Innovation Park where you can explore Ericsson’s latest technology and innovation projects, or play some football, basketball, or dance. It’s open to everyone! Welcome to Kista Innovation Park – a playground of the future powered by Ericsson and The Kloud.

boxpark, open-air stage & restaurants

This is just the beginning. Kista Innovation Park is still under development. To promote creativity, meetings, and inspiration, a boxpark, an open-air stage and several restaurants are taking shape. Here, you will be able to enjoy food from around the world, drinks, DJs, after works and dance classes. We look forward to the opening in 2023!


Let´s connect - see you at Kista Innovation Park

Kista Innovation Park is the place for innovation, creativity, and inspiration. A given place to hang out, located on Kistagången next to Grönlandsparken. Come on and play!


Kista Innovation Park

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