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We want to see more art on the streets and walls of Kista. Creative change is an important part in an attractive urban environment. It gives life, spirit and contributes to a better place. With Kista Art we want to highlight all the creativity and works of art connected to Kista and how they contribute to positive urban development.


And the winners of Kista Open Art 2022 are... Magid Abdul-Kareem and!

An artist who works in the borderland between human and pixel, using painting, animation, and code. For Kista Open Art, will contribute with an exciting piece of artwork that is based on AR (Augmented Reality) which connects to Kista as one of the world's leading clusters of tech and the competition theme Creative change. The artwork will constantly change as viewers use their smartphone to experience it.

"Just like Kista.'s work is constantly changing, which the viewer will be able to experience with their smartphone".

Skärmavbild 2022-11-16 kl. 19.46.05
Skärmavbild 2022-11-16 kl. 18.45.15
Skärmavbild 2022-11-16 kl. 18.38.27

"the future step" by magid Abdul-karem

Kista-based Magid Abdul-Karem is not only an artist, but also a trained nurse and engineer. For Kista Open Art Magid will give a powerful visual expression of Kista's change through his artwork "The future step", which shows Kista's thousand-year-old runestone in the hands of an astronaut. The artwork will be realised both physically and as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) that will generate an income that enables even more public art in Kista.

“Magid Abdul-Karem is not only an artist, but also a trained nurse and engineer who lives and works in Kista.”

Skärmavbild 2022-11-16 kl. 19.55.22
Skärmavbild 2022-11-16 kl. 19.56.28

Magids work will be at Grönlandsgången and's on Blåfjällsgatan and are set to be ready in spring 2023.


"My hope is that people will stop and react because something new has happened."

Check out Katres artwork in Kista at Kistagången 10.

Wallstreet powered by the Kloud

Have you noticed the artwork on the building at Kistagången 10? It is a unique mix of graffiti, painting, photography, and lighting forming a new visual experience. It was created during Wallstreet Stockholm 2022, a public art festival. Driven by curiosity and desire to experiment this is the first time the artist Antonin Katre has mixed techniques in this way. The depth, space, angles, and perspective are typical of his art.

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Antonin Katre

French artist Antonin Katre lives in Paris and travels around the world to create and exhibit his art. He started out with graffiti in the nineties and is fascinated by abandoned buildings where he experiments to create art that will make people stop and react because something new has happened in their familiar environment.


Photo: Ryno Quantz

"It’s funny to paint a bug here because this is a tech area, and bugs are related to software and stuff like that."

Avgas 0507 3

Photo: Ryno Quantz

Avgas 0507 5

Photo: Ryno Quantz

Avgas 0507 2

Photo: Ryno Quantz

Kista torn 04 07 1

Photo: Ryno Quantz

Avgas 0507 1

Photo: Ryno Quantz

anoplophora by odeith

Check out Odeith's artwork in Kista at Knarrarnäsgatan 7.

WALLSTREET is a global concept for art exhibitions in our outdoor public urban spaces.

about kista open art 2022

The response to the first art competition in Kista was huge. Kista Open Art, which is part of the larger initiative Kista Art, was held in June 2022 and resulted in over 100 creative entries on the theme Creative change. Two winners, whose artwork will make Kista more vibrant and striking were chosen by the jury. And this is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for future announcements of hopefully new places that need a creative makeover.

Let’s create in Kista!