A district in transformation

Kista is undergoing exciting development where the next generation district is taking shape. New green residential neighborhoods are created and existing environments are developed. A joint Kista with both urban pulse and nature experiences around the knot grows into a mixed city that creates opportunities for the future, regardless of whether you are a young family looking for an inspiring place to live, an innovative entrepreneur who wants to be part of the cutting edge of technology, or an international creator who seeks new experiences.





Kista Parkstad

Amid lush greenery, approximately 1,500 residences are being built in a way that minimizes environmental impact. Everything will be within close reach here, providing housing options for all stages of life. Children will have plenty of space to play and can run straight into the nearby forest. Preserving natural areas and creating more green spaces contributes to quality of life and the diversity of nature. When everything is completed, the whole area will be designed to create a city within a park, where people can meet - in stairwells, at barbecue areas, near gardening plots, and in the forest - where everyone is welcome. Kista Parkstad will be a place where you can live, work and share a room with nature.

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Kista Square Garden

Stockholm's hottest building according to the construction industry magazine Byggvärlden. Everyone is eager to know what will happen when Ericsson's old offices are transformed into homes. A large building is being reused and preserved, becoming the first in Sweden to receive environmental certification through the Svanen renovation (Environmental Building Renovation) standards. Once completed, the property will accommodate approximately 1,000 rental apartments, ranging from studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments spanning 24 to 55 square meters. All apartments in the newly added sections will have balconies. Also, the large and square shape of the block means that everyone who lives there will have access to their own oasis – a spacious, green and lush inner courtyard – something that is uncommon in Kista.

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kista äng, Norrgården

Norrgården is a new residential block in the Kista äng area offering approximately 200 new condominiums. The block is located around a shared green courtyard close to a new lovely park and a beautiful forest nearby. The apartments range from one to five rooms and feature space-efficient and flexible floor plans. Nearly all homes get a balcony or patio. The entire block will be environmentally certified according to Svanen (Environmental Building) standards, and all apartments are equipped for "smart homes". In total, Kista Äng plans to accomodate around 1,600 homes in a vibrant and safe environment, with easy access to nature, transportation, shopping and services. Additionally, a school for 900 students and 12 preschool departments will be built.

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Kista Alléväg

Nordiska Bostad develops a new neighborhood in Kista, consisting of approximately 200 homes of various sizes. As pioneers of ecological and socially sustainable housing, the electricity production will be generated by solar panels on the rooftops, working in conjunction with a system that recycles wastewater for heating. The plans include a green area, a dedicated playground for residents, and a preschool. The houses will be constructed with a tight and well-insulated building envelope to reduce electricity consumption and will be environmentally certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver (Environmental Building Silver) standards.

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Sveafastigheter creates homes with consideration for people, the climate, and future generations. In Kista, around 200 rental apartments are being built for people at all stages of life. There will be premises on the ground floors to promote a pleasant and safe environment. The courtyard will be lush and green, with playgrounds for children of different ages and serene green spaces for residents to enjoy and relax. All homes will have low-flow water taps and the building will be powered by renewable energy and developed to meet at least Miljöbyggnad Silver (Environmental Building Silver) standards.

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We, the builders of the next generation Kista, are committed to shaping a vibrant and sustainable community. With a focus on innovation, inclusivity, and environmental consciousness, we strive to create a neighbourhood that fosters growth, connectivity, and well-being for all residents. Our vision is to combine forward-thinking urban planning with a deep appreciation for nature, to build a thriving and future-proof Kista. Together, we are shaping the future of this dynamic district and creating a place where people can live, work, and develop in harmony with their surroundings.

We, the builders of the next generation Kista: