An insight into the future:

Kista Convention Center 11-12 May

With everything from AI, 5G and smart solutions for the cities of the future, to automatic cultivation, self-driving vehicles and satellite solutions, Kista Convention Center offered an insight into the future during two exciting days on 11 and 12 May.

Nordic Future Food, Stockholm Tech Live and Stockholm Smart City Conference gathered under one roof 11–12 May at Kista Convention Center. Together, an exciting blend of vision, optimism and innovation was formed.

On the first morning there was already a buzz in the air as stands were prepared with finishing touches and several tech-focused companies with smart ideas looked forward to receiving visitors.

The future is now

During the event, visitors could take part in most of what the cities of the future have to offer at the Stockholm Tech Live and Stockholm City Conference stands. In the city of the future, a lot will happen: 5G infrastructure, satellite solutions, self-driving vehicles, machines for managing and developing AI, sustainable and smart homes, charging stations for cars and an insight into future trends – although the list is long, at the event we got to try most things.

While visitors talked to the enthusiastic people manning the stands, visionary business leaders and experts were on the scene, spreading knowledge, messages and their visions for the future.

The Kista of the future on a 4K 86” screen

Our team from The Kloud were obviously at the event, with our message "The voice of Kista" clearly set in the middle of the action on an interactive 4K, 86-inch screen. Our visitors got to be part of the Kista of the future as they interacted with the large touch screen. It showed a drone image over Kista and by zooming in and out, moving around and clicking on the different parts of Kista you could see updates on what the future Kista has to offer. It was a hit, if we do say so ourselves. Nice to see you!

Food industry innovation

At the Nordic Future Food exhibition at Kista Convention Center there was also great enthusiasm and cool solutions. Because we also need an innovative food industry in the smart cities of the future. And we found it! Here we got to experience and learn about innovative food production, automatic cultivation, clean food, packaging solutions, hygiene items and modern technology with a common sustainable mindset. At the same time, our taste buds got to try food and drink of the highest, organic class.

Kista has technology, innovation and future thinking rooted in its DNA. And it was made even more clear during this event which was a gathering point for these topics. The common goal for the fair was: "Let's make the world a better place". After visiting the fair, there is good reason to believe that many companies that participated in the Kista Convention Center event on 11 and 12 May can succeed in making the world a slightly better place. And together contribute to a better future.

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