The Space-Themed Artwork Adding Depth to Kista

Commissioned by Kollektivet Livet and Revelop, the artist with the cool name, Marc Alright, went to Kista to add space and depth through his artwork "Macrokosmos." The mural, depicting outer space, is now located at Torshamnsgatan 35 in Kista. Through his piece, Marc aims to provoke thought—or perhaps encourage people to not think at all?

Change is in the air in Kista, and the district is growing and evolving in many aspects —including its creative growth. New artworks are adding color to the streets and squares in Kista, where the latest piece "Macrokosmos," is painted by the artist Marc Alright.

We sat down with Marc to learn more about him and his latest artwork, how his artistic expression has evolved over the years, and how he became "the space guy," as he chooses to put it.

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How would you describe yourself as an artist?

"I have worked with spray paint for a long time, but overall, I paint pretty much anything and can be somewhat all over the place in what I paint. I do a lot of participatory art and like it when a lot is happening. However, I always aim to be concrete in my expression in each piece."

What is your relation to Kista, and what was it like to create an artwork here?

"I have spent a lot of time in Kista. For example, I worked at a youth center here for seven years where we, during several of those years, focused on creativity. I have also painted a lot around Fryshuset and the schools nearby. So, it was great to come back and leave a mark. Also, I am Järva resident and have lived in Husby for eight years. With that said, the whole area, including Kista, is close to my heart."

What is unique about "Macrokosmos"?

 "For me, this is a large artwork with a lot of depth, where everything is set at quite a distance to create a grand impression. It was interesting to paint this piece and think from a larger perspective to create a more comprehensive artwork, that goes well with the location. A technical detail is the strong complementary colors in the space clouds, like purple and green, that come together and blend. That was an important consideration when I started."

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"I often ask people where in the space cluster they would like to be”

What do you want to convey through this artwork?

"It might be to give a broader perspective on things, to remember that all the little details in life don't always matter so much. It is important to zoom out sometimes and realize that we are all part of something bigger, and not give too much attention to minor concerns. I have painted a lot of clouds, stars, and similar artwork before, but it was when I transitioned into painting space I realized what a great way that is to add depth to the art.

I often ask people where in the space cluster they would like to be. They usually then point somewhere to say something like, 'Right there looks nice and peaceful.'"

How come you were contacted to create this artwork?

"I previously applied to Kista Open Art, and perhaps someone saw my art there. Later, Kollektivet Livet and their culture producers contacted me; they are a bit like my managers, you could say. I have painted for Atrium Ljungberg before, and this time I got to paint on Revelop’s facade, which is cool. They wanted a space-themed artwork, and since I am 'the space guy,' it worked out well."

Marc's artwork "Macrokosmos" is completed and can now be viewed at Torshamnsgatan 35 in Kista.

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