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The global lecture platform CreativeMornings has a new home in The Kloud's premises at Kistagången 21. The concept, founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2008, offers free inspiring breakfast lectures in 228 cities around the world. Creative multitasker Anastasia Angeli got in touch with CreativeMornings when she was growing up in Moscow. She decided to bring the concept to Sweden.


A community for creatives and creativity

From the first moment, Anastasia loved the whole format that CreativeMornings is based on. Anastasia sat in the audience month after month listening to exciting speakers. When she moved to Stockholm three years ago, she missed the platform and a context that brings together creatives, creativity and felt inclusive. She decided to take matters into her own hands and set up a ”Stockholm Chapter”.

– I felt someone had to do it and contacted the head office. Oddly enough, another woman had the same idea the same week and we started together, but a year ago I took over completely as host.


Free and open to all

CreativeMorning's breakfast lectures are arranged one Friday a month and are free and open to all. Each month, all the different departments, so-called. "Chapters", around the world design their own content based on a jointly decided theme. The latest theme was "Touch" where massage therapist Nadezhda Sokol lectured. When The Kloud editors meet Anastasia, she also talks about another inspiring lecture she arranged where the theme was "Depth". In that lecture personal development coach Philip Jonzon Jarl spoke about the importance of humility and the importance of taking in other people's perspectives.


A vibrant community

In addition to the same theme, CreativeMornings also has the same concept worldwide. The event starts with mingling where guests have the opportunity to network and get to know each other. This is followed by a 15-20 minutes lecture and a question and answers session.

– We also end with mingling, Anastasia says. It always becomes much more relaxed and lively than in the beginning. People enjoy it and often want to stick around for a long time.

– After an event I always feel happy and satisfied. I get so much energy from people saying "Thanks, that was great."

Before the event, there is a lot of preparation for everyone in the team – everything from research and interview questions to technical fixes and making sure the lecturer has the right conditions. Some of those who are coming have been to CreativeMornings in other cities.

– They are already warmed up, says Anastasia. Others come for a specific lecturer and then they are often inspired by the wonderful community feeling and return.

CreativeMornings has chosen Kista over the inner city as they believe in building a sense of community locally. And since The Kloud has the same ambition and goals, the collaboration is a good fit. As an example, Anastasia talks about a workshop she had at The Kloud recently together with lighting artist Jonas Jonasson.

– We were 7-8 people who created a work of art together. I would never have met those people if it wasn't for that initiative. Sometimes we run into each other in Kista and stop and talk for a while. That feeling gives me a lot!


A true explorer

In addition to CreativeMornings, Anastasia has many other projects underway. She works as a lighting designer at Signify in Kista. She is an event photographer, runs the podcast "A city for you", sings in a Jazz/Soul band, dances Lindy hop and arranges various types of events.

– Exploring other cultures, places and people has always been in my interest. I have studied in both England and Italy – architecture and urban planning. Then I did my masters in lighting design here in Stockholm. All the experiences in my life have led to the job I have today as a lighting designer.


The future dream

CreativeMornings is run on a non-profit basis and it takes a lot of commitment and, not least, time and people who are passionate about what they do to make it happen. A future dream is to have a large enough volunteer group for CreativeMornings so that no one feels stressed out with their deliveries. And also to have a wider network of collaborations and sponsors to be able to give even more to all the different participants.

– What if, for example, having an artist come to the event and paint the visitors. Or a musician who plays background music on arrival, or other creative things that builds up the morning and create an even greater overall experience”.

Anastasia ends a bit dreamily as we are back at the metro and part ways.

— A year ago I had no relationship at all with Kista. Now I both live and work here and run CreativeMornings, so there are a lot of connections here now. A big part of my life is here and I love this environment.


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