Sky High

The sky’s the limit!

While China takes the prize for the world’s fastest elevators, here in Sweden the quickest are in Kista – at the landmark Kista Science Tower.

The skyscraper’s elevators reportedly move at a speed of almost six meters per second. This means you can travel 32 levels, from the entrance to the top floor, in just 24 seconds. Impressive!

You can imagine the excitement when the Kista Science Tower’s five express lifts broke the previous record, which had been held by the Kaknäs tower in Stockholm since 1967.

But, with rumors of competition, the glory might not last forever. Karlatornet in Gothenburg is scheduled to be completed in 2024. The new skyscraper will be 245 meters high, making it Sweden's tallest building. If everything goes to plan, its elevators will travel at eight meters per second.

Did you know?

The first passenger lift in Sweden was likely the steam-powered lift at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm, installed in 1881.

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