Mobility Day 2022:

Finally - live in Kista again!

After two years of the pandemic, it will be great to once again see curious people gather and nerd out on future technology at this year's Mobility Day, which kicks off June 9. The program is exciting, with everything from robots and self-driving vehicles, to drones and other smart solutions – and the people who talk about it all! To finish the event, there will be a nice AW in Grönlandsparken. And everyone is welcome. See you there! Finally!

Time to discover! If you are curious about mobility and digitization, it's time to mark June 9 and Kista Mobility Day in the calendar. An excellent opportunity for anyone who, with their own eyes, wants to take part in the technology that is being developed – whether it is 5G, AI, sensor technology, smart cycling solutions or software for drones.


Meet the possibilities of the future, today

Mobility Day is organized by Kista Science City and promises to be a day filled with seminars, talks and an exhibition with demonstrations of new technology. This year's focus is on future sustainable mobility and new perspectives on the technology that is already available. It brings together a number of players active in mobility – large established companies, small start-ups, and experts from business, academia and the public sector – to share knowledge, discuss challenges and lay the groundwork for new collaborations. Put simply, it’s a place where innovative types can meet to create tomorrow's digitized, smart and sustainable cities.

“Finally, we get to create a real meeting place again where people with ideas and potential partners can meet each other,” says Maria Rudenschöld, who is responsible for communications at Kista Science City. “It will be a platform for everyone to come and learn new things and maybe touch and feel some of the demo gear. And let’s not forget, it will be a place to meet colleagues who we may not have seen during the remote work of recent years.”

So come to Grönlandsparken and check out the exhibitors and their gear. Grab lunch from a food truck (or let the food robot do the work) and check out some cool demos in the meantime. Do you need to work a little too? That's fine. But be sure to slide back in for the AW in the park.


Experience the future on location in Kista!

Many exciting seminars

Mobility Day offers a number of interesting seminars and the interest in registrations for that day has been really high. Just some of the voices we hear from during the day are Erik Ekudden, CTO Ericsson, Staffan Ingvarsson, CEO Stockholm Business Region, Karin Bengtsson, CEO Kista Science City, and Jonathan Selbie, CEO Univrses.

Traffic jams are a major problem in urban areas and the seminar "Data-driven traffic planning for the future" is based on a conversation about how to use space modeling analysis and real-time tracking in different ways to enable more efficient traffic planning with sensors, data and AI. The focus is on public transport.

The seminar "Drones – from tests to integration in the local transport system" discusses, among other things, how drone deliveries in the transport system of the future can act as an extra warehouse and reduce emissions from transport, while improving the quality and availability of services in rural areas.

How do we make public transport relevant in a self-driving future? The lecture "Self-driving public transport"examines the potential effects of combining AI planning and self-driving technology in Stockholm's transport system. How far have we come today and where do we stand in 2025?

The seminar "Multisensor and AI enabled applications for intelligent transport" discusses artificial intelligence in the field of traffic system management, with a focus on multisensor technologies. How far have we come in Stockholm and what's going on? What are the challenges and lessons learned?

The automotive industry is one of Sweden's most important industries and the country's single largest export sector, but "How does today's automotive industry adapt to tomorrow's transport system?" This seminar looks at how we can accelerate the transition to a sustainable transport system. How far have we come? What collaboration opportunities can we see? How can we create synergies?

Smart mobility encompasses much more than vehicles and infrastructure – it's about making transport systems more intelligent, flexible, efficient and sustainable. In the event "THINGS Get-On-Top-Of ™ Smart Mobility" we get a chance to meet a couple of selected member companies in the Mobility ecosystem THINGS, who present what they do and share insights.


Compete for SEK 100,000!

Do you have ideas? Then now might be the time to share them! During Mobility Day, the City of Stockholm, Vinnova and Kista Science City present Sweden's first innovation competition with the aim of finding new solutions to the e-charging problem in the urban environment.

“We know that there are many creative and imaginative brains out there,” says Maria Rudenschöld. “Therefore, we want to invest heavily in a competition that everyone can participate in. We hope that really good ideas will emerge. The more people who are interested in participating and contributing with clever ideas, the happier we become.”

The winner will receive SEK 100,000 from the City of Stockholm, a test and demo package from Kista Science City (valued at SEK 100,000) and the opportunity to test their solution in Stockholm's city center. The three highest-ranked grants also have the opportunity to apply for support from Vinnova for further development of their solution and test in a street environment. Let’s create!

Food, expo & demo at The Hub

Between 11:00 and 14:00, selected startups, companies and researchers will show and demonstrate various mobility solutions at Grönlandsparken and The Hub. Visitors will get the chance to see, among other things, various robots, drones in the service of society, remote-controlled cars and smart projects for both cycling and computer-driven public transport and AI. There will also be a bunch of food trucks! So come by and learn more about self-driving vehicles, try the food delivery robot – or just hang around a while and enjoy lunch in the park.

Some of the companies on site will be ABConnect, Aerit, Airsense, CrossingSafety, EIT Urban Mobility, Ericsson, Foodora, Intel, KTH, Livelo, Nektta, Realisator, RISE, Skysense, City of Stockholm, SuperAnnotate, Teraki and Univrses.

Här känner jag mig bara lite osäker på om översättningen säger samma sak som ursprungsmeningen ”Dessutom har vi fått höra att man även ska köra dit ett gäng foodtrucks!” Kanske uttrycker man sig som här, men jag känner inte att vi vill uttrycka några rekommendationer, utan bara berätta att det kommer att finnas ett gäng foodtrucks på plats. Jag är inte engelsk-expert själv utan överlåter med glädje bedömningen åt översättaren.

AW in Grönlandsparken 15:00–17:00

After exciting demos and seminars, it's time to let your brain rest for a while – which is quite important, really. It is often from a combination of activities and relaxation that new thoughts and ideas arise. An excellent excuse (at least The Kloud editorial staff thinks so) to use Thursday afternoon for an AW hangout among old and new friends. We already know that there will be an interesting group of people on site. And hopefully you will be there too! Now good weather is the only thing we need to hope for. 😊

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