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Five housing developers enter:

Strengthens the collaboration in The Kloud

More change is in the air! As five housing developers are joining The Kloud, the plans of creating a more vibrant and diverse district will become reality in an even closer future. Stay tuned on The Kloud’s website for the latest updates about the growth of the district, as well as the upcoming housing projects. The most innovative city district in Sweden is going through a foundational change which you don’t want to miss.

The Kloud has a clear purpose: to develop Kista into a modern city district. By creating an attractive mix of homes, companies, education, healthcare and service, the experienced division between a “residence side” and a “company side” of the city will be eliminated. The whole city of Kista should be alive around the clock, every day during the year. For that to happen, more homes are needed.

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Kista Alléväg

8,000 homes until 2035

At Kista gård, several neighbourhoods have been completed and new residents have started to move in. Additionally, more homes are on its way, both in new areas as well as in rebuilt buildings throughout the business area of the district. The goal is to, by 2023, have created 8,000 new homes and just as many new jobs. This will change the foundation of Kista and help the city flourish.

The addition of five new housing developers, who just became a part of the collaboration in The Kloud, is therefore great news. The developers include Kista Parkstad (Skanska and Areim), Klövern, JM, NB Nordiska Bostad and Sveafastigheter. By having these greatly established companies as a part of The Kloud, the development of the district will continue in its positive manner and reinforce the work that is being done daily, to reach the ambitious goals on creating a stronger and more attractive district.

- The investment in Kista is unique in several aspects. Not only is this one of the biggest urban development projects in the Nordics, but it is also a unique collaboration between actors from the business industry, the public and the academy. Further, Kista is a district with huge potential and very bright prospects. Having these housing developers join The Kloud emphasizes the importance of working together in the transformation of Kista, says Johan Thomsson, CEO of Kista Limitless and a driving force in The Kloud.

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Kista Äng

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Kista Alléväg



Living: new residential part on the web

Want to know more about the new homes in Kista? Both condos, tenancies and student apartments are being planned. Soon, a brand-new living in Kista part is being launched here on our web. Stay tuned in our social channels for the latest updates!

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Kista Parkstad/Reflex Arkitekter

Joined forces

In addition to the five new housing developers, Ericsson, Stockholms stad, KTH, Stockholms universitet, Kista Science City and Kista Limitless are also all part of The Kloud-collaboration. Kista Limitless is a joint venture created by property owners Castellum, Corem, Revelop and Vasakronan. In total, about 20 billion SEK will be invested in Kista up until 2035, and that doesn’t even include all the new homes. Change is definitely in the air!

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Kista Square Garden

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