Let's talk future!

Kista Convention Center 11-12 May

Let's talk future! At Kista Convention Center on 11–12 May, this is exactly what’s in focus. Packed with innovations, cool start-ups, open seminars and networking opportunities, the event will host hundreds of exhibitors, innovators and speakers to inform, educate and motivate.

Kista has technology, innovation and future thinking in its DNA. Here, ideas have been born and, through the power of innovation, spread out into the world – often with a focus on making the world a better place.

Now it's time for Kista Convention Center to put innovation in focus. And this is certainly a stand-out event, or we should say ‘events’. This is actually an exhibition with several events, and it will be big. We are talking about the Nordic region's leading meeting place for food of the future, new technology and smart cities. And everything will be conveniently gathered in the one place.

Expect a world-class line-up of scientists, visionaries, leaders, executives, experts, politicians and business leaders; there’s a long list of innovators and visionaries who will come to show what the future has to offer.

With hundreds of exhibitors and brands, expect full floors, high-quality suppliers and lots of innovations in an inspiring environment with plenty of activities.

The team from The Kloud will of course join the event. We will be at the Stockholm Smart City Conference – hope to see you there!

Three focus areas - one goal: Let's make the world a better place

Kista Convention Center has three focus areas: food of the future, new technology and smart cities.

Food of the future - Nordic Future Food

Nordic Future Food will naturally be the meeting place for the whole food industry. It promises to be a dynamic forum with emphasis on innovation in food production, health and the food of the future. Meet hundreds of leading suppliers and brands and take part in activities and seminars. Here, the food chain of the future is in focus. Read more at the Nordic Future Foods website.

New technology - Stockholm Tech Live

Stockholm Tech Live brings together the next generation of strategies within Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber ​​Security, Cloud, loT, 5G, Blockchain and Startup Scaleup. An opportunity to explore, discover and understand the new technology that drives companies and society forward – the technology that will change the world. Read more at Stockholm Tech Live’s website.

Smart cities - Stockholm Smart City Conference

Stockholm Smart City Conference & Expo is the meeting place of decision-makers, strategists, politicians and urban developers to share the next generation of solutions that will drive social progress. Take in urban innovation, digitalisation, the sustainable society and solutions for a better and more intelligent future for cities and citizens around the world. Read more on Stockholm Smart City's website.

Want to attend the event and be a part of something special?

Yes? We thought so! We recommend you register via the links below. Nordic Future Food has its own registration site, while you can register for both Stockholm Tech Live and Stockholm Smart City Conference under the same link.

Sign up for Nordic Future Food here.

Sign up for Stockholm Tech live and Stockholm Smart City Conference here.

See you there!

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