Wall Street Stockholm:

Kistagången in new perspectives

Don't miss the new facade at Kistagången 10. Here, French artist Antonin Katre has mixed photography, painting, graffiti and lighting to create a new visual experience. The artwork is one of more than 100 works created during the public art festival, Wallstreet Stockholm, this summer.

Video: Johan Lygrell

Wallstreet – The City of Art – is a global concept for art in our common urban spaces. During the summer of 2022, 111 works of art will be created by 77 different artists in the Stockholm region alone.

At Kistagången 10, you can see the French artist Antonin Katre's exciting artwork on the building facade. The mural, with its depth, space, angles and perspective, is typical for Katre – who also likes to integrate his art into the environment.



Photo: Johan Lygrell

A chat on location

It is a sunny and beautiful day in July when the Kloud editorial team meets Katre in front of his work at Kistagången. When we arrive, he is sitting on a stool being filmed by Wallstreet Stockholm. It’s clear Katre is used to being interviewed as he answers freely and spontaneously in English, with a classic French accent.


When Wallstreet is done with filming we get our own interview with the artist. We sit down at a group of benches and tables around the corner from the site of the artwork. Katre is friendly, open, and easygoing. He tells us how he started out in art about 30 years ago:

“I have always liked cartoons and in my teens I discovered graffiti. It often took me to abandoned buildings that no one cared about anymore. There was a special feeling and mystery in those places – often old, industrial buildings – that fascinated me and that I still like to return to in my designs.”



Photo: Ryno Quantz

Curiosity, experimentation and dream projects

Katre is 45 years old and has called himself an artist since 2005, when he discovered and formed his own style. He lives in Paris but travels around the world to exhibit his art or create his works. His curiosity and desire to experiment are strong driving forces:

“I like to mix techniques and try new things. I get my inspiration from many different places. The artwork in Kista is not a classic mural but a unique mix of photography, painting, graffiti and light. My hope is that people will stop and react because something new has happened in their familiar environment.”

When asked if he has any dream projects, Katre gets excited:

“I would like to collaborate with the architects who are designing a new building, so that my art becomes a completely integrated part of its shape for as long as the building remains. This project in Kista is also fun and challenging, as it's the first time I've mixed techniques in this way.”

Another challenge, one that is present in almost all projects, is time. When we finish the interview, Katre hurries back to his artwork. The yellow background paint has dried and the transparent photo canvases that both protect the windows and are part of the art are now in place. The weather forecast for the next few days is unstable with a lot of rain showers, so he has to choose his working times carefully. The stage is yours, Katre!


Photo: Johan Lygrell


Photo: Johan Lygrell


Photo: Johan Lygrell

The best experiences are free

For a top art experience, you only need to go to Kistagången 10. Katre's artwork can be experienced at any time of the day but is most impressive seen in the evening and nights, when it is illuminated.

If you fancy more art experiences, we recommend the links below for more information. Why not take a tour of the city to see more of the awesome public art festival that Wallstreet offers locals and Stockholm visitors, completely free of charge, this summer?


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