His Mission:

To create a village feel through music

For over a decade, music producer Renzo Riofrio has created a meaning full free time for the youth in Järva. With his "House of Music", he aims to illustrate music as a crucial link, and that the step into musical entrepreneurship doesn’t necessarily have to be far away.  

- I am a living proof of the significant role music can have in a young person's growth. It shows that, regardless of your background, a career can be sculpted from passion."  

He started his first music studio back in 2012. Partly to channel his own musical creativity, but primarily to offer the young people in Järva an alternate route to the music scene.

- I grew up in Husby, where my future was somewhat uncertain. Engaging in activities after school, such as football, basketball, and creating music, was therefore crucial to me. Today, the importance of finding meaningful activities during your free time is probably higher than ever. And we all need to contribute in order to create a community feeling, which is crucial for the next generation to flourish."


Building bridges

It's been more than ten years since teens from Husby and Kista started to hang out in Renzo's studio. Since then, he has founded the sports association "Xclusive Sports and Culture association" as well as the musical platform "House of Music".

– The goal with both organizations is to enrich the everyday lives of the youth in Järva, with as many meaningful activities as possible. We also aim to build bridges and introduce the young people here to football teams, martial arts, and more – just what Järva needs."


Among Renzo’s collaborations and partners, influential names and organizations, such as Nikki Amini from Swedish Idol, Sony Music, and Make Music Matter, powered by the Tim Bergling Foundation, can be found

Collaborating with the big stars

So, what is the essence of House of Music? Well, it simply is to offer a space where musical creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation can grow and nurture in an environment similar to the music industry.

And to show that the transition from creating music in a studio in Kista, to the musical entrepreneurship, isn’t as far as it might seem to be.

Among Renzo’s collaborations and partners, you’ll find influential names and organizations, such as Nikki Amini from Idol, Sony Music, and Make Music Matter, powered by the Tim Bergling Foundation.

The organization offers two fully-equipped music studios in Kista, where youths between the ages 12-25 get the possibility to learn everything imaginable about recording, mixing, and songwriting – all for free! For the ambitious ones, there is even the opportunity to film a music video or record a podcast, yet another way of developing their way to express their creativity. There’s even a mini-print shop to create merch!


From passion to career

Renzo's role in the organization it to act as a sparring partner – someone to bounce ideas off of.

– Watching a teenager step out from the studio with their own MP3 track in their pocket is such a fulfilling feeling. My mission is primarily to inspire them to create music associated with joy. It’s easy to glorify singers singing about the “wrong things”, which in fact only closes doors. The purpose with the initiative is to open doors and to showcase that anyone, regardless of their background, can pursue their passion and shape a career from it.

But Renzo wants to develop the initiative. He envisions a national platform for urban music, focusing on young adults from socioeconomically challenged regions.

– We're launching a digital education platform where educational material, inspiration, and valuable experiences will be distributed to youths across the country.


House of Music is open Monday-Friday, 13.00-21.00, with 4 bookings/day.

How to contribute!

Both "Xclusive sport and culture association" and "House of Music" rely on financial support. Do you want to help? Reach out to Renzo at:

Meet Renzo Riofrio




Operational Manager for “House of Music” & “Xclusive sport and culture”.

Music producer and sound engineer, educated at Fryshuset & SAE Institute (no longer active)
Dreams of:

A world where anyone can pursue their passion and shape a career from it, no matter their background.

“Never give up” and “I don’t see problems, I see solutions”
Create music and spend time with his family.

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