Kista Äng:

A whole new neighborhood in the district

Time to turn the first sod! The earthworks are now complete and yesterday, 24 May 2022, construction company ByggVesta broke ground in Kista Äng. It was the first step to a completely new neighborhood! When everything is ready, it will be a vibrant urban environment with distinct quarters and generous areas for living.

Kista Äng will be a completely new district in northern Kista, with Torshamnsgatan, Borgarfjordsgatan and Kista Alléväg as the outer border. In it, plans have been laid out to ensure the creation of a vibrant neighborhood, right from the outset. The area will be home to a mixture of housing and several public squares – plus a new, large city park.


A mixed neighborhood for different generations

In addition to around 1,600 homes (including condominiums, rental apartments, student housing, serviced apartments and group housing), there will also be a large primary school and several preschools. All to create a mixed area that suits different generations. In addition, space is created for shops and other activities on the ground floors of the houses. When everything is ready, it will be a vibrant urban environment with generous-sized areas and sidewalks that allow for outdoor seating. The school and preschools are located in close proximity to the central square and the city park.

Clear blocks and generous areas for living

The new neighborhood will have a structure of blocks that are distinct from each other. The houses will have varying heights, between three and eight stories high, to create variety. Kista Alléväg and Torshamnsgatan will, together with the area’s new central street, be designed as city streets. Torshamnsgatan will be a green boulevard where the generous sidewalks will have rows of trees that define pedestrian traffic from bicycle and car traffic. Both sides of the street will have two-way cycle paths and the possibility of curb parking. The idea is to create a central urban space, lined with activities and services, which leads into the area’s center.

The new district will not only have three new squares (Centrala torget, Entrétorget and Hörntorget) but also a large wedge-shaped city park between Kista Alléväg and Torshamnsgatan. A walkway divides the park area between a character of landscaped city park and more wild forest. In the landscaped part, there are plans for terraces and seating as well as an outdoor gym, slides and games.


Kista Äng grows in stages

The preparatory work and groundwork began in 2021. Now comes the first start of construction. All land at Kista Äng is owned by the City of Stockholm and there are several construction companies who will build in the area: JM, Index Residence,Amasten, Magnolia Bostad, SKB, Stadsutveckling, ByggVesta together with Sisab school and Sisab preschool.

First out of the construction players is ByggVesta, which, from yesterday, has started laying the foundation for the two blocks Valvik and Hestur. There, they will make room for both student apartments within the concept "Live to grow" and rental apartments together with premises for shops, restaurants and other businesses. There will be a total of 472 homes.

Western block – Valvik

The Valvik district can be found in Kista’s western block. The property is divided into two parts that interact with each other: one "lighter" with a light facade, and one "heavier" with a dark brick facade. Valvik was designed by Anna Öhlin at White Arkitekter and will have 91 rental apartments and 161 student apartments, which also have access to a common living room lounge, café and outdoor seating areas.


Eastern block – Hestur

Hestur consists of three houses that vary in height and shape, aiding to define the unique character of each individual building, while light and soft colors help to bind them together into a whole. Hestur has been developed by Kod Arkitekter and will contain 150 rental apartments and 70 student apartments, which also have access to a café, social areas, and a car and bicycle garage.


More exciting development

Kista Äng is far from the only exciting development project in Kista, which is Stockholm's third-largest urban development area. If you want to read more about plans for the future, visit the City of Stockholm project website, Stockholm is growing.

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