Kista is on a roll:

Powered by The Kloud & Dott

Discover various locations – safely and in style! Dott electric scooters have now rolled into Kista and are waiting for you to pick them up. Get to your meetings, to a friend's place, or for lunch at Kista Innovation Park, quick and easy. Or why not simply just roam around and experience the freedom on two wheels? You'll find the e-scooters at selected parking spots. Also, Dott is offering two free rides – just download the app, find a Dott, and go!

The collaboration between The Kloud and the e-scooter company Dott aims to give people in Kista options to effortlessly get around within the district, and the partnership aligns seamlessly with Kista's core values.


- Currently, we are exploring the demand for electric scooters in Kista, an initial trial which runs until October. The plan is to start with 50 e-scooters and then, if everything runs smoothly, add another 100. We will further expand the zone to include more areas in Järva, says Sarah Paskota, Project Manager at The Kloud.

The electric scooters are placed at selected parking spots throughout Kista. You can find the parking spots on a map, including a list of the different locations here:


Dott offers two free rides

To use the electric scooters, simply download Dott's app. Your first two rides are free – have fun!

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