The history that made Kista what it is today:

Kista Story

There’s much to say about Kista. At The Kloud, we usually focus on everything that is happening now as well as the exciting plans for the future. But it is also interesting to look the other way, to look back in time. What happened here 1000 years ago? 100 years ago? How did Kista get its name? Why is the district famous all over the world?


Kista Story briefly shares the various events that have led to Kista as we know it today. You can read about the old Kista runestone, which was erected during the Viking Age, about the history of Kista Gård, or about the time when Järvafältet was a military training area. Other important events include the construction of Kista's housing, with its special architecture, and the establishment of the tech companies here. It was also in Kista that the King and Queen inaugurated Sweden's largest and most modern indoor shopping center in 1977. Just a couple of years later the mobile phone was developed at Ericsson.

The Kloud's timeline goes both ways. Back in time with Kista Story and forward with Future Kista. The timeline will be filled in gradually, so if we are missing something – from the past or the future – please let us know at

Discover all the great things that have made Kista what it is today.

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