Change is in the air!

Kista is under development

Change is in the air! Kista is under development with many new and creative areas planned, including homes, business and culture premises and meeting places. Some of the existing office buildings will also be transformed to create an attractive and vibrant urban environment. Kista will undergo significant change and construction is already underway!

Until now, homes in Kista have almost exclusively been on one side of the train tracks and offices on the other, with the mall, train station and bus terminal in between. When office workers log out for the day, the office side becomes empty of life and movement. But this will change! The goal is for Kista to be a place where people want to both work and live. A place where you want to be. All day and night.

New and more varied neighborhoods emerging in the area

Lively neighborhood with a mix of everything

To realize Kista's potential and create a more vibrant district, it needs a better mix of areas and things to do. That’s why it is so rewarding to see new and more varied neighborhoods emerging in the area where, for example, carparks and former office buildings will transform into a mixed urban environment.

Housing, and much more

To help paint a picture of how much is happening, we have listed here some of the construction projects planned in Kista. There is a mix of sizes and types of housing: condominiums, rental apartments, student apartments and employee housing. Of course, there are also preschools, schools, nursing homes, green areas and parks, restaurants, offices, hotels, facilities for cultural activities and everything else that goes with a modern and creative district – including a new youth center and sports facility.

Housing projects

1. Kista Gård

At Kista Gård, between Kista alléväg and Kista gårdsväg, a nice new neighborhood with about 250 apartments and a preschool has already been completed and people have moved in. Kista Gård owners have additional development plans in the area that will focus on nursing homes and senior housing.

2. Kista äng

On the other side of Kista alléväg, groundwork has begun for Kista äng, which will be a completely new district in northern Kista. Here, a mixture of residential areas, park environments, squares and generous sidewalks will be created with space for outdoor cafes, and more. In addition to around 1,600 homes (condominiums, rental apartments, student housing, serviced apartments and group housing), there will also be a large primary school and several preschools. The ground floors of the apartment buildings will include space for trade and other activities, and there will be a large new district park.

3. Playce on Torshamnsgatan

On Torshamnsgatan, beside Kista äng, the Playce district is planned. It will offer everything from sports facilities and hotels to offices, shops and around 500 homes. The detailed planning work is in progress as the block is intended to consist of several buildings at different heights, of which two high-rise buildings will be new to Kista's silhouette. When designing the park, planned in connection with the block, the landscape architects held workshops with local girls to best represent their needs and desires for the park’s design.

4. Odde x 2

On the other side of Kista äng is the Odde area where two projects are underway. The first is a completely new block on Hanstavägen-Oddegatan-Kista alléväg, with plans for about 240 homes and a preschool.

The second is the transformation of the former IBM office complex into a new neighborhood with approximately 1,500 homes. The culturally and historically significant facility is beautifully situated, with nature closeby. The idea is that the area will also be home to a number of preschools, cultural and business premises, squares, small shops and green spaces.

5. Reykjavik 1

Here, office space will become urban space. To be able to transform the distinctive office property Reykjavik 1 into a mixed urban environment with city lifestyle potential, the idea is to both refurbish and build new. The plan is currently flexible and to adjust based on needs, but the goal at the moment is to turn the existing office building into a primary school and 130 homes. There are also plans to build an apartment block with space for apartments, nursing homes and premises for trade and service.

Vision image: BSK Arkitekter

Vision image: Kod Arkitekter

Vision image: White Arkitekter

6. Jylland 1 and Anholt 1

The two neighboring properties Jylland and Anholt are located by Ärvingehallen, about 300 meters from the Kista town center and the mall, metro and bus terminal. Jylland will accommodate approximately 355 student rental apartments. There will be common areas, such as a kitchen, living room, gym and study, and plans for a youth center, café and coworking space on the ground floor. Construction began in the winter of 2020. The detailed design for the Anholt property shows there will be several residential buildings, which together can accommodate 150–200 rental apartments, and a preschool with five departments.

7. Isafjord 1

At the intersection of Kistavägen and Grönlandsgatan today is a large parking lot, which will be rebuilt into a living residential area. The plan is to create around 470 new apartments, a lovely large park, a preschool, various center functions, cultural activities and maybe even hotels and offices. The detailed plan allows for a block structure of between five and nine stories with varying roof landscapes, as well as a high-rise building that will no doubt be a new landmark in Kista.

8. Knarrarnäs 8

Central property Knarrarnäs 8 is intended to function as in conjunction with the nearby Kista Science Tower, while contributing to urban development by creating city life in central Kista for a large part of the day. The project, which is still on the planning table, is proposed to add 200 rental homes together with offices and service rooms. If it goes ahead, the existing building will be demolished.

9. Grenå 4

Grenå is another housing project at Kista center, between Hanstavägen and Danmarksvägen, with about 200 meters to the metro. Around 350 new homes and premises are planned here for various activities on the ground floor. Among other things, there are plans to build a high-rise building of about 30 floors, but the planning work is still ongoing. The proposed development is part of the work to transform Hanstavägen into an urban strip.

Ericsson's old headquarters is about to become housing

10. Skalholt 1 - Kista Square Garden

Another really exciting project in Kista's most central parts is the Skalholt 1 property, which now goes by the name Kista Square Garden. It is Ericsson's old headquarters and is about to become housing. The block is large and square, which means that there will also be a delightful courtyard for the residents. In addition, the roof space provides both a terrace and opportunities for energy production. The goal is to create 1,000 apartments as well as hotels and services. With Kista center and the metro right next door, this is a property with the absolute best location for those who want to live close to everything. The new light rail Tvärbanan will soon stop outside the door.

11. Hekla 1

The large Hekla office district can be found at the intersection of Kistagången-Isafjordsgatan and Grönlandsparken. The plans here include not only the extension and new construction of offices but also a new, high-rise residential building and a preschool. They will also create premises for public activities on the entrance level and upgrade Grönlandsparken into a wonderful district park. Another important contribution to making Kista's workplace area a more mixed and vibrant district.

12. Hornafjord 3

This undeveloped plot, which is located about 500 meters from Kista metro station, is today used as parking. Hopefully, it will soon be converted into a residential building with about 100 condominiums. The proposal is still underway, but the location inside Memory Hotel on Borgarfjordsgatan, among greenery and walkways, is fantastic.

13. New homes adjacent to Kista Galleria

In connection with Kista Galleria's 45th anniversary, owners Citycon presented a billion-kronor investment for the mall and the surrounding area. The plan includes 300 new homes, green areas and more attractive meeting places. Housing and premises for education and health businesses are planned in two new buildings. Among the public environments that Citycon wants to collaborate to refurbish and activate are Kista square, Jan Stenbeck's square and Kista bus terminal.

Vision image: Gehl Architects

Vision image: BSK Arkitekter

Vision image: Skanska

The goal for Kista is clear – a mixed district that thrives around the clock and appeals to people from all generations

Kista's urban development is the third-largest in Stockholm

Those of you who have read this far now understand that Kista is undergoing drastic and exciting urban development work. In fact, the district, with its 8,000 planned homes, is Stockholm's third-largest urban development area, after Barkarby and Norra Djurgårdsstaden. See, we told you it was big! The goal for Kista is clear – a mixed district that thrives around the clock and appeals to people from all generations. If you want to read more about Kista’s future plans, you can visit the City of Stockholm’s project website.

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