New food hub in Kista:

It's time to "myllra" (crowd)!

It all started during the pandemic. Covid changed people’s attitude towards food delivery apps and got used to order food from companies like Foodora, Wolt and Ubereats.  Three young guys saw the new needs and started Myllra, to simplify and improve restaurants’ ability to offer their food spanning larger geographical areas. And now it’s time to ”myllra” (crowd) in Kista!

Myllra builds so-called satellite kitchens with digital solutions, enabling established restaurants and emerging food entrepreneurs take their concepts to new places and reach more hungry customers. The satellite kitchens are grouped into food hubs of two to six restaurants. Some of Stureplans well-known restaurants: Riche, Sturehof and Taverna Brillo were first on board. Then it didn’t take long for others to follow! A few examples are Bores, Den vegetariska slaktaren, Luzette and Sushi Yama.


Now with on-site sales

Satellite kitchens have so far been about small, smart restaurant kitchens simplifying restaurants' options for good home deliveries and takeaway. Now, post covid, the needs have changed. Focus is no longer just on efficient home deliveries, but people want to meet again. That’s why Myllra has developed its strategy with food hubs that not only do home deliveres and takeaway, but also place a strong focus on selling food on site.

–  We believe we’ve found a good balance between digital deliveries and destinations that you are also able to visit, says Varga Moshtagh, CEO at Myllra.

Beginning of an evolution

The satellite kitchen phenomenon is not entirely new. It has grown incredibly fast globally, but Sweden and the Nordics have lagged behind. Myllra wants to change that. It's about giving people more time to enjoy good food, rather than cooking it.

–  We believe we have only seen the beginning of an evolution. It will continue to be easier, cheaper and more sustainable to buy ready-made food, says strategy and marketing manager David Carlsson. It's like with clothes. In the past, everyone sewed their own clothes, now it goes without saying that you buy them. We believe we will see the same development with food.


Custom-built kitchens for modern restaurants

Myllra does not run any restaurant kitchens itself but acts as a landlord and is responsible for the entire kitchen investment for the restaurants that choose to become part of their concept. As a tenant, each restaurateur has full control over its own business and manages its own operations.

All satellite kitchens are run 100% on electricity. They are built in Sweden from the ground up, optimized to fit Swedish rules and laws for commercial restaurant kitchens. Each kitchen is built in close collaboration with the customer, based on the individual restaurant’s specific needs.

– Without our own experience from professional work in kitchens, we’ve had to build up the business in extremely close collaboration with the restaurants that first dared to invest, says Joakim Ödlund who is responsible for Myllra’s operations. And we've learned a lot!

Since the start in 2020, Myllra today has four food hubs in Stockholm with a total of ten kitchens. In addition to Kista, you can find their satellite kitchens in Solna, Bromma and Norra Djurgårdsstaden. And more are on the way – both in the capital and out in the country, where Gothenburg and Norrköping are next in line.


David Carlsson, marketing manager at Myllra.

Joakim Ödlund, responsible for Myllra’s operations.

Advantages for many

A satellite kitchen allows restaurants to expand their clientele with lower capital investment and risk. Small areas and less central locations make it easy to reduce costs, and you don't have to take care of waiters or dishes. But not only restaurants can take advantage of the concept. Even property owners can benefit from a new source of income and create a better offer for their tenants.

– For property owners, it is probably convenient and safe to have us take overall responsibility. And they don't have to chase tenants themselves. After all, we also like to choose places others are not already fighting over. With Myllra, we can give life to dull parking lots, gravel and grass areas in courtyards and alleys. A natural flow of people makes places feel more vibrant, even at night.

By building a food hub, Myllra can transform a less vibrant area into something new and exciting. When you activate dull parking lots, gravel and grass areas in courtyards and alleys with movement and life, you also contribute to safer and more pleasant environments.


Four restaurants are underway in Kista

As Myllra now establishes itself in Kista Innovation Park by Grönlandsparken, conditions are created for a food hub with four restaurants that have already signed up.  Two kitchens are already in place, where Bram's Burgers and Dumpling X are first to start up.

– We look forward to Kista, says Varga Moshtagh. It is an extremely interesting and exciting place, thanks to its combination of different cultures, housing and business mecca. After all, we would like to build on that hub over time, so we are curious and would like to have a dialogue with everyone who is in the loop. What would you like? What do you feel is missing?

The editors are eagerly awaiting to explore our new kitchens. And count on new reports as soon as we get a chance to crowd our way properly between the kitchens!

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