Kista Innovation Park

The big blue carpet is in place! And with that, the work on Kista Innovation Park begins. In the middle of Kista's business district, together Ericsson and The Kloud have started to transform a barren gray gravel lot into an open place for innovation, meetings and inspiration. Gray has turned blue – and it’s only just the beginning.

Yes, that is an enormous carpet with the words "Imagine Possible" that has appeared on the gray gravel outside Ericsson's conference center next to Greenland Park. We are talking a full 1,250 square meters of carpet! This new surface makes up part of the Kista Innovation Park, a long-term investment to promote creativity and innovation in the area. The park is a collaboration between Ericsson and The Kloud with the vision of creating a new place that can further grow Kista's already strong history as a place of innovation.


Imagine Studio is moving out

Ericsson has kicked off the project by taking parts of its Imagine Studio to the “test mat” at the park. Between October 12 and 23, Ericsson will demonstrate the latest in the innovation project 5G Ride and self-driving vehicles in public transport. This project is a collaboration between Kista Science City, Keolis, Telia, Ericsson, KTH, T-engineering, Intel, Scania and Viscando. Ericsson will also be hosting a number of other demos for visitors, like remote-controlled car races and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) testing.

A surface for EVERYONE!

The idea is to create an open place to show the latest in technology and innovation; a place where more people can take part in today’s future technology. What is achieved today lays the foundation for the possibilities of tomorrow, and the shared vision of Kista Innovation Park is that it will be a place satisfy and inspire curiosity. The hope is simply that more people will be able and willing to take the chance to explore what already exists – and dream of new possibilities. Imagine possible!

And this is not a place just for Ericsson, it’s open to everyone! So feel free to come and try it out – kick some football, shoot some basketball hoops, break out some dance moves, or whatever else you please.


Area under development

What you are seeing is so far only the beginning. To inspire creativity and innovation, the project also includes a plan to create an awesome gathering place in 2023. In the spring, for example, the area will expand with box Friction Boxpark – an open-air stage and several restaurants. This means you’ll be able to enjoy everything from sports to dance classes to demos of innovations, as well as after works and other collaborations with locals. But more on that later!


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