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Racing on clean electric power

With an electric top speed of 72 kilometers per hour and a track length of almost 400 meters, O'Learys Kista Gokart is an undoubtedly cool experience. The go-karts are fast, emit zero exhaust fumes and are virtually vibration-free – and all that in the middle of Kista Galleria.

Wearing speed-racing overalls, hair nets and racing helmets, we are ready to test electric go-karts for the first time. “Get to know the curves of the course and the go-kart's steering properly the first few laps. Remember to drive into the curves at a slightly lower speed and then accelerate out of them,” Gokart manager Fadim suggests.

We each slip into a Sodi RTX, the world's most advanced indoor electric go-kart according to O'Learys. Fadim carefully explains how to control the brake and accelerator and shows us the seat and pedal settings.

“So gang, are you ready?”
“Ready, set, go!”

The world's most advanced indoor electric go-kart

Friction and an electric motor whir

After a couple of turns we get to know the steering control and how to take the corners without losing speed. It is an unusual feeling to accelerate at speeds of around 70 kilometers per hour without engine rumble and throttle. The only thing you can hear is the friction from the tires and a whir from the electric motor.

The heat is on between drivers Leia and Bromance, while Zorro and Heinz are hopelessly behind (yes, those are our assumed names for the evening). But just when Heinz decides to put in the offensive, our eight minutes on the track are over. Though we all want more, the next overall-dressed crew are trackside and raring to go. Adrenaline-fueled and slightly sweaty, we head out through Gokart's double doors and take the escalator up to O´Learys restaurant where we are met by smoke machines and disco lights. It's Friday, which means disco bowling and trying to make a strike in sync with the beats. Sounds like a great way to celebrate the weekend.

Where to find it

Europe's most modern go-kart track, O'Learys Kista Gokart, can be found on level -2 in Kista Galleria, below Filmstaden.

Safety above all

The safety level on the go-kart track is high. O´Learys has invested in one of the world's safest frames and a system that allows the go-karts to be slowed down or turned off remotely.

O'Learys Kista – An Amusement Palace!

O´Learys Kista Bowling is a 2,000-square-meter large entertainment palace with 12 bowling alleys, 4,000 square meters for electric go-karts, arcade machines, karaoke and a bar and restaurant with over 400 seats. It serves North American cuisine and the bar offers an extensive range of beers and other beverages. The venue also has over 90 screens to guarantee you can always follow your favorite team and current sporting events.

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