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The editorial office is open. The Kloud’s news channels are for anyone interested in Kista’s future and all the exciting things happening here. For anyone who likes change, to explore and to try new things. Welcome to The Kloud.

Kista will never be the same again. Change is in the air. There are 8,000 new homes planned and just as many new jobs. There will be more services and more meeting places. The urban environment will be developed, the streets more inviting. Plus, lots of exciting activities are on their way that you won’t want to miss. Put simply, you can expect more people, life and action here.

The Kloud is Kista's engine of change. It is also Kista's voice and a community for those who want to keep up with the developments and actively engage with them.

Change is in the air. And you don’t want to miss any of it

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