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Having recently successfully transformed other city neighborhoods, Vasakronan is well placed to contribute to Kista's development. The district already has many strengths and a solid foundation to build on, so Vasakronan's plans for Kista include improvements to existing buildings as well as creating new offices and homes. With The Kloud as a catalyst and gathering force, a lot of positive things will happen here – today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

In the center of Kista, beside the mall, lies Kista Science Tower – one of Stockholm's stand-out properties and the tallest office building in Sweden. Kista Science Tower is an entire block consisting of six interconnected, triangular buildings made from glass and steel, one of which towers high above the others at a lofty 32 floors and 124 meters.


Building rights and big future plans

Kista Science Tower is owned and managed by Vasakronan, Sweden's largest real estate company, which also owns Kista Entré and four other properties in the district. As well as owning existing properties, Vasakronan also has building rights to construct new and expand existing buildings. This way, the real estate company aims to make Kista more city-like and attractive.

Karl Lindgren is Vasakronan's Head of Area Development in the district:

“We know how to create places where people thrive and businesses develop. Good examples of this are Sergelstan in Stockholm city, Nyhamnen in Malmö and Lilla Bommen in Gothenburg. Now we will create a more attractive Kista, together with the other players in The Kloud. Kista has a strong starting position. A well-developed infrastructure, modern offices and world-leading innovation companies are already here, as well as a good base of shops, restaurants and services.”



Martin Sandgärde and Karl Lindgren

Update profile properties and build new ones

The first thing in Vasakronan's planning is to update and improve the environments in and around Kista Science Tower and Kista Entré. After that, plans are being made for several new offices and homes along Kistagången and at Grönlandsparken.

“In addition to modern buildings with an urban and exciting architecture, we want to add new destinations, meeting places, culture and other experiences. Kista needs to change, both in the big and the small. Vasakronan is a long-term property owner, which is the basis of our entire view of Kista and how we invest in our properties and locations,” says Karl.

WHITE CF MÖLLER_Vy Isafjordsgatan-Lokalgatan

A place where people thrive and want to stay

Vasakronan is not only Sweden's largest property company, but has also been named one of the world's most sustainable. Building new and renovating in an ecologically sustainable way to create a modern and environmentally friendly district is a matter of course. Equally important is that tomorrow's Kista is a socially sustainable place where people feel good and thrive together.

Martin Sandgärde is Business Area Manager at Vasakronan in Kista, which means he leads the team responsible for the properties and customer relations here. He believes that the perceived safety is one of the most important issues for increasing Kista's appeal:

“Kista has gained an undeserved reputation for being unsafe at certain times. The city, the police and the businesses have for a long time worked actively with safety here, and in recent years we have seen a very positive development. In our collaboration forums, we discuss how we can create the conditions for a district that lives for more hours of the day, and for that, not least, more housing is needed in central Kista. We also want to add elements like better lighting and more greenery, and also take advantage of the creativity that exists here to create new activities and experiences.”

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New homes, good transport

Housing development in Kista is in full swing. On the one hand, new areas such as Kista Äng are being developed, and on the other hand, several office properties are to be converted into housing. One of Kista's major weaknesses has been the division of the district, with many homes west of the subway and almost none east of the tracks, where previously there have only been offices and other commercial premises.

“Building more homes is one of the most important issues for us and other property owners. A mixed neighborhood that lives around the clock is both safer and more attractive than one that is purely an office area. Kista also has great transport facilities. When the Tvärbanan comes, we will have both subway, commuter train and the new cross line – plus plenty of parking spaces and proximity to both the E4, Stockholm city and Arlanda,” says Martin.


Kista in ten years – good vibe and a campus feel

When Karl is asked what he wants Kista to look like in 2032, when the transformational work of The Kloud will have continued for another ten years from today, he considers for a moment then says:

“The development has only just begun but there is already a very positive feeling. I think the new Marriott hotel that will open on Torshamnsgatan next year is a clear sign of strong faith in the future. In ten years, Kista will be a real good example of sustainable urban development. A modern and well-thought-out district that has life around the clock, where people want to live, work, shop, meet and have new experiences.”

Martin adds:

“I am sure that Kista will continue to attract companies of various sizes and industries. Not only in IT and telecoms, where the district is already a world leader, but also other tech industries such as games, film and health. The mix of housing, businesses, university, service and different cultures creates a wonderful vibe and an international campus feel. Kista will be a place where people from all corners of the world thrive together.”

Hus 3 från Digitalgatan

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