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We Listen In:

Listening, educating, and empowering multicultural women

We Listen In is a non-profit organization with the aim of empowering multicultural women to realize that their background is a super strength. Everything they do is based on research and analysis - but the drive to help comes from deep within.

We Listen In offers a community focused on personal development and well-being. Through self-leadership, they help their members navigate being part of different cultures. We had a chat with Samira Rahman, founder of We Listen In, to find out more about their organization. It turned into a conversation that is very relevant today.

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Samira Rahman, founder of We Listen In

Tell me about yourself - what is your background and why did you start We Listen In?

"I usually say I have four jobs. I work full-time, I am involved in two companies, and I am the chairman of We Listen In. Diversity and equality are recurring topics in all my roles, and my broad education in science, management, and gender studies has helped me a lot. I have long been interested in the research on medicine and health from a societal perspective. What we want to do at We Listen In is to highlight the strength of being multicultural."

"Everything I do at We Listen In, I do for my 15-year-old self."

"It is common for individuals with a multicultural background to find themselves in a "in-between" position where they do not really feel at home wherever they are, and many can also feel discriminated against in society. When we, the founders of We Listen In, were growing up, we lacked a forum to discuss these issues. With We Listen In, we offer such a forum where we also incorporate personal development and strengthening of mental health. Mental illness is one of the biggest challenges of our time and is common among women with a foreign background. We focus on three different phenomena that we want to work with in order to help:
1. Minority stress: Stress experienced by being in a minority
2. Acculturative stress: Stress experienced when entering a new culture
3. Bicultural stress: Stress experienced when trying to navigate different cultures
With the help of our partners, we can offer tools to assist with these issues completely free of charge. Being multicultural should be seen as an asset and a strength. It is something we are all passionate about wholeheartedly. Everything I do at We Listen In, I do for my 15-year-old self."


How many are you? What do you do when you meet?

"Today we are 25 volunteers working on this. We provide our members with tools to handle their multicultural background and empower them as individuals and as a group. We also collaborate with some of Sweden's best experts in these areas. We now have multiple areas of operation that are growing and expanding. Today, we focus on multicultural women, with the core of our activities being "Empowerment workshops." We also have various meetings, trainings, workshops, social events, and cultural events with our partners."


What is your view on the future of the organization?

"For me, it's not just about growth; it's about a continuous commitment to help. Our progress has been rapid, but our focus is always on delivering high-quality services that best serve our members. We should be like a family, and therefore we can't be too many."

"Several people have said that we have changed their lives, and that is the best proof you can get, especially when it comes from young women."

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What is the best thing about Kista? How do you see the future of Kista?

"I am proud to have my roots in Rinkeby and Kista. I have attended school and grown up here. It is important to showcase all the positive aspects of Kista and Järva. I love Kista and with We Listen In, we want to be part of a great representation of the area. There are many driven and ambitious people here who want to do good. It is also fantastic to see the development happening in Kista."

Do you want to know more about We Listen In? Visit their website.

This is Samira Rahman




Social entrepreneur, lecturer, customer responsible within the pharmacy industry, investor.

Dreaming of:

An equal world and building Sweden's foremost community to empower multicultural women.


"Live well, Laugh Often, Love Much and Dance Like Nobody is Watching".


Outdoor sports, travel, dancing, reading.

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