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We run Kista!

Yep, it is finally happening! We are noticing cheerful groups of runners more often popping up here and there in, and around, the area. And it seems to be growing every week. Soon, they might even start power walking. This is We Run Kista – Powered by The Kloud! Want to join in? It seems very exciting.

We Run Kista is an initiative by the property owners, who, in cooperation with Löparakademin, organize coached running groups twice a week; on Mondays and Wednesdays at lunchtime. Robert de la Motte is one of the initiators. He works at Castellum, one of the involved property owners. The other property owners are Corem, Revelop, and Vasakronan.


The word “we” is crucial

To start with, the property owne rs have focused on reaching out to their own tenants – companies, agencies, and other organizations with many employees. The idea is to promote health and make it easier for more people to get out and be active.

- I used to run a lot, both long distances and for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, I don't get out as much as before, but I do appreciate joining the running group whenever I can. It is good for both body and mind, says Robert de la Motte. If the opportunity for employers in Kista to offer their employees quality training sessions throughout their workdays is appreciated, that is of course incredibly rewarding.

What started out with only one group has now grown to become two. And the ambition is for there to be even more. Even though the initiative is called We Run Kista, it doesn't necessarily have to involve running. Choosing to walk is just as good.

- The word “we” in We Run Kista is crucial, Robert continues. We want everyone to feel welcome, regardless of their level. If we could eventually have 500 people moving around Kista together in different ways, that would be fantastic. And even more exciting would it be if it created a buzz around town, where people are talking about these kinds of activities as a part of life in Kista.


Groups based on demand

The two existing groups have been created based on wishes and needs. One group is designed for more experienced runners, who often have their own set goals. They might be training to run a specific race, like a marathon or similar. The other group is more for runners who want help and motivation to get started.

- If we realize that the needs are increasing or hear that there are other wishes, we are more than happy to expand with more coaches. This could also involve, for example, a walking coach. I would love to see a walking group getting together.


Great enthusiasm and variation in one

One of the participants who try to join at least once a week is Elin Mattsson. She works as a social worker at the district administration and started joining the running group about a year ago.

- I've been involved ever since the first information about We Run Kista was sent out, she says. I enjoy running and to me, getting access to high-quality, free training sessions over lunch, sounded like a huge perk. And the sessions are really good! The running coaches are both incredibly encouraging and good at creating variation in training in a way that I wouldn’t be able to do myself.

When Elin talks about We Run Kista, she chooses to describe the running groups as one of life's different bubbles – just like the family bubble, the work bubble, the friend bubble, and so on.

- Even though this might be a quite small bubble in your everyday life, it is still a nice bubble where you meet people you recognize and can exchange a few words with. I like it, she says. And it is of course incredibly nice to come home in the evening with the feeling that you have managed to get both work and training done during the day.

She continues to talk about the atmosphere during the sessions, saying it is a wonderful environment to train in. Elin herself runs in the group for more experienced runners, which is what I am thinking she is referring to, but then she goes on to talk about her colleague who decided to switch to the "get started group" and I realize that the happy mood and great atmosphere seem to be overall.

- My colleague has been almost euphoric about the group she has chosen to join, where she feels that more people are at her level. She even said that the running coach is ridiculously good at being encouraging, Elin continues with a warm laugh. "Can it get any better? They've really done a good job. The running coaches are truly phenomenal at adapting their coaching to each individual runner."


Kista from new perspectives

Both Robert and Elin seem to want to emphasize that the combination is what makes the concept so good. You're among others but run based on your own desire and ability.

- In addition to doing your cardio together and getting to know new people, you also experience Kista from new perspectives, Robert says. Suddenly you realize, for example, that Kista is located between several green areas.

- Yes, I have worked in Kista since 2008 and it's incredible how much better I have gotten to know the surroundings recently, thanks to the running groups. There are so many lovely areas to move around in here, Elin adds.

The editorial team agrees that you definitely get tempted to join the sessions, especially now when there is room for all our different levels. Let's move, Kista!


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