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Winning car charging solution

”Where there is a parking space, there must be a charging space", said traffic councilor Daniel Helldén at the finals of Innovative Street Charging – a competition organised by the City of Stockholm, Vinnova and Kista Science City. An important part of the price to the winning contribution from Waybler is that their solution is being offered live testing in the streets of Kista.

During the conversation between traffic councilor Daniel Helldén and property company Vasakronan's sustainability manager Anna Denell, it also emerged that the majority of all charging will likely take place where the car is normally parked, for example at home or in the office garage. But there is still a great need for better and smarter options for charging the car during street parking in the city.


Waybler won after tough competition

Out of the roughly twenty submitted competition entries, the solutions from the companies AddEl, Waybler and ChargeNode made it to the finals, where they had to present their solutions to around 50 participants. In the end, the winner was Waybler with the reasoning:

"For its contribution with an innovative design that can be adapted to several different street environments, within the entire city of Stockholm, and which, through its design, contributes to cost savings, in both construction and installation by reducing the need for shafts."

Waybler's solution enables cost-effective charging in street environments and creates profitability for all parties. Through minimal groundwork, the solution can be installed without much impact on the public space, and with the help of load balancing, controlled from the cloud, more cars can be charged on the power that is already in place.


Tested in the streets of Kista

One part of the price is that Waybler gets the chance to test its solution on site in the streets of Kista. All three finalists are also given the opportunity to apply for a grant of up to one million Swedish krona from Vinnova.

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