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Kista Mobility Day 2022

We got to experience the future on site in Kista during the recent Kista Mobility Day, held on June 9. Behind the stalls and tent set-ups stood people with innovation running through their veins who invited us to learn and experience cool ideas, products and inventions.

This year, the focus of Kista Mobility Day was future sustainable mobility and new perspectives on current technology. Large established companies, start-ups and experts from business, academia and the public sector gathered to share knowledge, discuss challenges and lay the groundwork for collaborations.

Exciting stuff in all directions

At Grönlandsparken in Kista, where Kista Mobility Day was held, visitors walked around and took part in all the amazing happenings. Here are just a few examples of what we got to see:

5G (5G ride) radio-controlled cars, drones (one of which is a giant called Thunderwasp), urban mobility, sustainable solutions for travelers, machine-learning inventions, flexible electric transport bikes, computer vision, 3DAI solutions, fire extinguishing robots, technical transport safety, sensors that contribute to safer vehicles and society, VR and WiFi analysis for better and smarter cities.

As you can probably tell from this list, put simply, it was a very cool day to be a part of.

In the middle of all the action, proudly stood The Hub – where street food, games and good vibes were served. And many visitors sat and enjoyed good food in the glorious sunshine.


The lecturers inspired many visitors

In the afternoon, many exciting lectures were offered. Among the many speakers were Erik Ekudden, CTO Ericsson; Staffan Ingvarsson, CEO Stockholm Business Region; Karin Bengtsson, CEO Kista Science City; and Jonathan Selbie, CEO Univrses.

The topics varied, covering subjects like data-driven traffic planning for the future, integration of drones in the local transport system and self-driving public transport, multisensors and AI-enabled applications for intelligent transport, and tomorrow's automotive industry and smart mobility.


Reflecting on the event, we can sum up that it was a day that showed Kista’s true vibe, with lots of tech, innovation and future thinking – and a big dash of community spirit!


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