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Young Business Bootcamp:

Re-launches after last year’s success!

“Our Sweden of tomorrow can be found in young entrepreneurs with the ability to turn ideas into reality.”

These are the words of Deqa Abukas, founder of BLING Startup and the initiator behind Young Business Bootcamp – a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs to grow. 


Thanks to our many entrepreneurs, Sweden is one of the world’s most innovative countries. However, entrepreneurship and innovation are the results of knowledge and training – two factors that are not obviously accessible to everyone. To turn ideas into reality, the young adults of our society need a network and connections in which they can be guided and inspired. Being in the right environment is crucial for the development to reach their full potential. Young Business Bootcamp is an initiative that creates an environment for young entrepreneurs to grow.

Young Business Bootcamp was launched in August 2022. In this unique education, young entrepreneurs are offered the opportunity to learn more about entrepreneurship. Through both theoretical and practical training, young entrepreneurs gain important skills which can be implemented in their businesses to make ideas become reality. The education includes valuable workshops and personal coaching where BLING offers their coaching and mentorship free of charge. By the end of the education, a competition is arranged for all participants where they can win 50 000 SEK for their ideas.


Powered by The Kloud

After a successful launch with high demand last year, the boot camp will be returning in March. This time, the boot camp is sponsored by The Kloud including some of the biggest real estate owners in Kista.

The boot camp kicks off on March 20th and the application is open and ongoing. The education and coaching will continue until the grand finale on April 28th. The boot camp, which will take place in Kista, will have some of its days on the premises of The Kloud, located in Kistagången.

Do you have an idea? Are you the entrepreneur of the future?

Young Business Bootcamp offers:

  • Knowledge of entrepreneurship
  • Important tools to kick-start your business
  • Opportunities to develop your network
  • The opportunity to meet investors

The chance of winning 50 000 SEK in capital funding


  1. The education is being held between March 20-24, which includes 7 parts that we will go through.
    The education will take place from 17.00-21.00 every day in Kista. If you are not able to be onsite, you can participate digitally.
  2. 2. Between March 27th – April 27th you will be in contact with our coaches who will coach you remotely. This is when you create a pitch and touch up your business plans.
  3. On April 28th, you will have the opportunity to pitch for a jury. The jury will decide on the winner of 50 000 SEK. All participants will receive a diploma after finishing their education.

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