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Artist Marc Adds Space and Depth to Kista

Commissioned by Kollektivet Livet and Revelop, the artist with the cool name, Marc Alright, went to Kista to add space and depth through his artwork "Macrokosmos." The mural, depicting outer space, is now located at Torshamnsgatan 35 in Kista. Through his piece, Marc aims to provoke thought—or perhaps encourage people to not think at all?

Read more about Marc and his artwork: Macrokosmos

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LEGO® workshop with Ericsson

Creative LEGO® building, design thinking, teamwork and demos. Ericsson will be holding five LEGO® workshops from Oktober 30 to November 3. All kids between the ages of 10 to 14 are welcome to experience engineering and programming in a fun way.

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30 oktober - 3 november 2023, kl. 10.00 - 15.00

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Some of the world’s leading space innovations found on rockets and satellites are developed in Kista.


we run kista

Come run with us!

Get in shape with free lunchtime running sessions and our professional running coaches. 50 sessions for 25 weeks available. Participate in as many as you like. There will be different themes and you will develop your fitness level over time.

Meet us every Monday and Wednesday. Open to all whether you want to power walk or train for a marathon.

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Big blue mat
Wed - Fri
11.00 - 14.00

New science and technology developed in Kista gives us self-powered headphones and self-driving vehicles running on sustainable energy.


A district in transformation

Kista is undergoing exciting development where the next generation district is taking shape. New green residential neighborhoods are created and existing environments are developed. A joint Kista with both urban pulse and nature experiences around the knot grows into a mixed city that creates opportunities for the future, regardless of whether you are a young family looking for an inspiring place to live, an innovative entrepreneur who wants to be part of the cutting edge of technology, or an international creator who seeks new experiences.

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Tvärbanan will expand from Bromma Stockholm Airport to Helenelund commuter train station, via Ursvik and Kista.

Young businesswoman using mobile phone and looking away at office rooftop

Work life in Kista

Kista is an incredibly important hub for cutting-edge technology, academia, research, and innovation. And a place with proximity to everything through excellent transportation connections. Close to nature, service, and shopping, it enables a healthy work/life balance. Here, you find a wide range of flexible work- and meeting places for the future. Let your company thrive and become an attractive employer – establish your operations in Kista!

Kista Work Life


Kista is the place where most patent applications come from in all of Europe.



See what future Kista has! Travel into the future with our timeline.

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Ericsson, FOI,
CGI, IBM and
many more have
their headquarters
In Kista.

Skärmavbild 2022-10-24 kl. 17.13.59


Kista is about to change

The Kloud is a broader initiative that activates and develops Kista. Behind the initiative are Kista’s major commercial property owners, Ericsson, KTH, Stockholm University, Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm and Kista Science City.

Kista's urban development is the largest in Stockholm

Kista is undergoing drastic and exciting urban development work with 8,000 planned homes in modern and attractive architecture with more services and life in the street plans, 8,000 new jobs, new green parks, and Tvärbanan Kistagrenen. The goal for Kista is clear – a mixed district that thrives around the clock and appeals to people from all generations.

It's time for an update

Kista has many strengths. It is one of the world's leading clusters of tech and telecom companies. It has the metro and commuter train – and soon the light rail, Tvärbanan, but it needs an update. The Kloud is the change engine that drives the update forward with site activations, events, and communication.

Using Phone in a front of neon lights on the street
Skater girl
A mixed-ethnic group of business colleagues sign paperwork at the conference table

This is The Kloud

The Kloud is the change engine, the voice and a community for a Kista in transformation.

Kista is about to change. A movement for a next generation where people, businesses, art, and science thrive. Here you’ll get the latest updates. We are The Kloud. Let’s connect.

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This is where it happens. Stay tuned.

skyline kista science tower
Talented Young Female Architectural Designer Draws Building Concept on a Graphics Tablet Display. Clean Minimalistic Office, Concrete Walls Covered by Blueprints.
illustration and vision of future Kista

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