The Kloud is an initiative for the future Kista where people, businesses, art, and science thrive. A change engine, the voice and a community for a Kista in transformation.


A movement for a next generation where people, businesses, art, and science thrive.

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Kista is about to change. The Kloud is a broad initiative where, together with commercial property owners, Ericsson, KTH, Stockholm University, Stockholms stad, Region Stockholm and Kista Science City, we activate and develop the district. Our goal is to unite businesses, property developers, academia, and the city to create a more vibrant district, with more homes, more jobs and that is fun to be in. Behind the initiative is Kista Limitless which is a company created by the property owners Atrium Ljungberg, Castellum, Corem, Revelop and Vasakronan, with the aim of strengthening Kista as a creative place and engine of growth.

change is in the air

Kista has many strengths. It is one of the world's leading clusters of tech and telecom companies, it has good communications, a popular mall, and green spaces, but it needs an update. The Kloud is the change engine that drives the update forward. The future of Kista has already started and the development of new communications, innovative technology, modern living concepts and residential areas, offices, parks, walkways, and roads are in full swing. Kista's urban development is the third largest in Stockholm. It’s a district in constant motion.

illustration and vision of future Kista

Stay tuned.

Together with our partners

Without our partners, our initiative would not exist. Here you can read more about each individual partner’s background, their role in Kista and how they see Kista’s exciting future.
Inomhus i fastigheten Kista+ som ägs av Atrium Ljungberg

At Atrium Ljungberg, we are passionate about developing places where people thrive, feel safe and can be inspired. We create vibrant districts and urban environments where offices, homes and retail are mixed with culture, service, and educational facilities. Our presence in Kista includes Kista+ with IBM as the largest tenant and the Nod block where among others Fujitsu Sweden, KTH and Stockholm University reside. There is also a Black Box and DAC – Digital Art Centre.


At Atrium Ljungberg we own, develop, and manage properties with a special focus on people. We have been active in Kista since 1992 and today we have the properties Kista+ and Kista Nod that has been renowned for being at the forefront, innovative and an important part of Kista's continued growth.

Atrium Ljungberg will be an active part of Kista, managing and developing our properties according to our vision – Everyone wants to live in our city.


The idea and concept behind Nod is to be an open, dynamic meeting place and a bridge between research, education, innovation, the ICT industry, and entrepreneurship.

Reception i en av Castellums fastigheter

Castellum develops flexible workplaces and smart logistics solutions in the Nordic region. We offer the workplaces and meeting places of the future, where organizations can develop and be attractive employers. One of our sustainability goals is to be completely climate neutral by 2030.

Utsidan av Castellums fastighet

Our presence in Kista includes Kista One, a full-service property, with the new concept a:place opening in the autumn of 2022. The idea and concept behind a:place is unique to Kista and will take the range of services to the next level with an indoor and outdoor gym, podcast studio, dog sitting, handy guy, café and Friday dinner takeout.

We have nine properties including Kista One and a:place, a service concept delivering value beyond the expected. Also, three upper secondary schools, a primary school, and a polytechnic in one of the properties.

Kista K

Castellum will continue to be an active part of future Kista, managing and developing our properties according to our vision – Beyond expectations.


Revelop wants to create a livelier Kista, building on the existing, according to our vision – We create sustainable urban environments for our own and future generations.

Revelop has been active in Kista since 2015 and today we own nordicForum, which is a full-service concept with both offices and hotel. Our tenants include companies in IT, car safety, renewable energy, and medical technology.


Revelop wants to create a positive impact by repositioning and developing properties, rather than creating something new. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and our goal is to produce attractive, vibrant places that contribute to sustainable urban environments. Our presence in Kista includes the nordicForum property.

Right now, a project is underway to convert empty office space into a four-star hotel in collaboration with the hotel chain Marriott. Here, over 200 rooms, a restaurant with outdoor seating, conference and swimming pool are created through the development of the existing property and surrounding land.


As part of the transformation into an attractive, lively Kista, we have created a new green park with an outdoor gym and a pergola where there used to be a parking lot.

“In 2040, Kista is one of Stockholm's most attractive and innovative districts for establishment within the industries of the future."

Thomas Jonasson, Head of Strategic Leasing & Concepts, Revelop about Kista's future


Vasakronan is proud of Kista and invests in continuing to develop Kista according to our vision – To create future-proof cities for everyone where people and companies thrive.
Photo: Gustav Kaiser

Ericsson is an important tenant with several buildings of its own.

The building called Kista Entré

“Now we are creating a safe urban environment that will live around the clock. A Kista for those who live, study and work here.”

Karl Lindgren, Area Manager, Vasakronan on the vision for Kista

Vasakronan owns many properties in Kista. Among the most well-known are Kista's landmark - Kista Science Tower and Kista's welcoming building - Kista Entré. Two modern buildings with full-service concepts conference facilities and nice views, where a large mix of different companies have their operations.


At Vasakronan, we are passionate about planning and building cities where companies can thrive and where people enjoy being. We do this through good management and development of our properties, streets, and walkways because the future-proof city contains so much more than just the houses. Our presence in Kista includes the properties Kista Science Tower and Kista Entré.
Photo: Rodrigo Paras

Kista Gate fasad

Corem, develops, and manages properties in a long-term and sustainable way with the tenant in focus. We run our business with our own staff at all levels and we offer more than properties such as services and urban development.

Corem has been active in Kista since 2006 and today we have the properties Kista Gate and Ericsson Headquarters. We collaborate with Changers Hub, which has now moved into Arne Beurlings torg and is starting to establish its operations in Kista.

Our presence in Kista includes Kista Gate and Ericsson headquarters, we also have properties such as First Office which is an office hotel.

Tele 2_ Ericsson 4425

We work actively to transform the space between the houses and create room for life, movement and meetings, an example of this is our collaboration with Changers Hub. In Kista, some properties will be developed, and some will be demolished to make room for new housing.

Corem will continue to be an active part of Kista, managing and developing our properties according to our vision – Properties for the future!

The Kloud is the change engine, the voice and a community for a Kista in transformation.

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We are The ones who say ”why not” when others say ”hell no”.


Here you’ll find the answers to commonly asked questions about The Kloud, Kista Limitless and what value we will add in Kista.

Specifically, what will you do in Kista?

Create an attractive mixed city with both housing, offices and services that thrive around the clock.

Together with the housing developers and the city, we will invest more than SEK 20 billion in the area, which will generate over 8,000 new homes, 8,000 new jobs and new and refurbished infrastructure. The district's public spaces, such as parks, squares and other areas, will be developed. Also, new hotels, restaurants, cafés and offices will be established, and there will be a number of new community properties in schools, health care and improved conditions for local sports and associations.

What is The Kloud?

Kista's engine of change, Kista's voice and a community that unites different players.

The Kloud is a brand concept that unites the various players in Kista such as real estate companies, housing developers, businesses, academia and the city. Through its channels, The Kloud is Kista's unifying common voice.

What has The Kloud done so far?

We create collaborations, a more fun and nicer place to be, and make sure that there are places to hang out. In addition, we work every day to share exciting news about Kista.

We have already committed ourselves to the urban space to create a nicer place to be by, for example, adding new lighting. We have also started a number of different collaborations with organizations that are now in Kista, for example Changers Hub. Furthermore, we have created "The Hub" which is a place to socialize and hang out next to Grönlandsparken. This is a first example of similar initiatives planned for the future. We also create daily content for our channels, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where broadcast everything that happens in the district.

What is the value of the investment?

We want to make Kista more lively, easily accessible and more fun for both Järva and Stockholm.

Our goal is to make Kista an increasingly vibrant district, with more housing and more jobs, and in addition, it will be a more fun place to be. This will make Kista a more accessible and relevant place ­– regardless of whether it is for living, working or visiting. And this applies to the rest of Järva as well as to Stockholm as a whole.

Why invest in Kista?

To strengthen Kista as a brand, engage people in development and attract new companies, students and residents to Kista.

We see a responsibility to make Kista its best self. It's a hugely important area both for Stockholm and for Sweden – it is a growth engine for Stockholm, and several of the most important companies of the future are located here. The investment will mean that more companies will settle in Kista and therefore mean new jobs. Of course, we also believe that it is a good investment financially.


What is Kista Limitless?

A joint venture created by property owners Corem, Castellum, Vasakronan, Revelop and Atrium Ljungberg to strengthen Kista together.

Kista Limitless is a company that will strengthen Kista as a creative place and growth engine in north Stockholm. It's a way for property owners in the area – Corem, Castellum, Vasakronan, Revelop and Atrium Ljungberg – to work together towards the same goal. Kista Limitless started in 2021.


Current action plan in brief, 2021–2035
  • 8,000 new homes.
  • 8,000 new jobs.
  • 2 new hotels.
  • 20 new community properties.
  • Restaurants, cafés and commercial areas.

Upgrading of Jan Stenbeck's square, Grönlandsparken, Arne Beurlings Torg, Grönlandsstråket, Helenelundskopplingen, Studentstråket, Kistagången, Färögatan, Isafjordsgatan and the establishment of new neighborhood parks.

Extensions and upgrades

Expansion of the cross-country railway, refurbishment of the metro station and bus stop.

What happens next?

A common service offering within destination, service, health and community, extensive joint events – such as inspirational lectures – and test beds and local exhibitions where companies and individuals can show off and highlight Kista's innovations and success stories.

See you in Kista!