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Work life in Kista

Kista is an incredibly important hub for cutting-edge technology, academia, research, and innovation. And a place with proximity to everything through excellent transportation connections. Close to nature, service, and shopping, it enables a healthy work/life balance. Here, you find a wide range of flexible work- and meeting places for the future. Let your company thrive and become an attractive employer – establish your operations in Kista!

Kista has
1,232 unique
and 33,436

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The future starts in Kista

The investment in Kista is not only one of the largest urban development projects in the Nordics, but also an urban transformation. This is where the future starts, whether you are an innovative entrepreneur or startup who wants to be part of the cutting edge of technology, or a global player looking for a vibrant headquarter.

Ericsson, FOI,
CGI, IBM and
many more have
their headquarters
In Kista.

New science and technology developed in Kista gives us self-powered headphones and self-driving vehicles running on sustainable energy.



Some of the world’s leading space innovations found on rockets and satellites are developed in Kista.

Kista is the place where most patent applications come from in all of Europe.



Find your future office

Meet our property owners Vasakronan, Castellum, Corem and Revelop. See what they have to offer in terms of sustainable, flexible workplaces for modern innovative companies that like to exchange ideas and meet peers!

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Explore your future coworking space

We take coworking spaces to the next level with different concepts from boutique offices to all-inclusive, joint activities and workspaces designed to inspire and connect individuals from various industries!










Coworking: C/O workspace

C/O Workspace offers an all-inclusive coworking experience where tenants move freely between various facilities 24/7. Say goodbye to the hassle of office management and hello to seamless productivity. Their lockable office rooms range from 10 to 250 square meters, allowing you to effortlessly scale up or down as your business evolves. With C/O, renting is a breeze, thanks to a fixed monthly cost that covers everything you need. They are expanding their space, bringing an enhanced coworking experience to the vibrant community of Kista.

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Cosy fireplace, open social lounge area, quiet rooms, café, gym, orangery, dog sitting, handy guy or a bag of groceries. Conference and meeting rooms, visitor service and state-of-the-art video conferencing. Are you our next tenant?


Fully equipped meeting rooms, unlimited coffee to fuel your creativity, top-of-the-line copiers and printers at your fingertips, high-speed wifi to keep you connected, and even a gym to stay in peak form.




Coworking: a:place

In a neighbourhood just off Torshamnsgatan you find a:place, a boutique office designed as a second home with a cosy vibe, café, gym, and an orangery. This is a place that makes everyday life easier and helps you find your life balance with a gym, a café with lunch and catering and hospitality services you could only dream of. And they’re not compromising on the meeting rooms, focus zones and state-of-the art technology available. The idea and concept behind a:place is unique to Kista and takes the range of services to the next level.

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Tvärbanan will expand from Bromma Stockholm Airport to Helenelund commuter train station, via Ursvik and Kista.












Coworking: Helio

At Kistagången, you'll find Helio's vibrant, architect-designed premises. With over 20 years of coworking experience, they organise joint activities, such as breakfasts and coffee breaks, to foster a sense of community among coworking members. Helio offers private office rooms, comfortable coworking lounges, well-equipped meeting rooms, a café, and friendly community managers. They have captured the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes Kista in a comfortable yet creative environment where you can feel right at home.

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It all begins with the coffee – quality beans from Bergstrand's Roastery in Gothenburg, state-of-the-art technology for your meetings, including projectors and lightning-fast wifi. And a team that’s always ready to assist you with any specific requests you may have.

Many roads leads (fast) to Kista

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